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Finemag rapid magnetic bead virus dna/rna Extraction Kit (high compatibility version)

Catalog No.: y522-g40
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  • Description:

    Based on the principle of magnetic beads separation and purification, finemag rapid magnetic beads virus DNA/RNA extraction kit is suitable for purifying high-quality virus nucleic acids from saliva, swabs, serum, plasma, lymph, cell-free body fluid, cell culture supernatant, tissue homogenate and various virus preservation solutions. The whole extraction process takes only 12 minutes.


    Product advantages:

    Simple: without proteinase K, add 200 μ L can be extracted on the machine;
    Fast: one step rinsing, 96 samples can be extracted in 12 minutes;
    High sensitivity: optimize reagent components to the greatest extent, significantly improve virus detection rate and reduce the risk of "false negative";
    Excellent compatibility: high compatibility with upstream preservation solution and downstream detection reagent, good adaptability, and excellent stability of extraction results;
    Easy to handle: large package, one box ready to use, saving space and reducing waste disposal.


    Storage conditions:

    It can be stored stably for 12 months at room temperature (15-25) ° C.


  • Specification:

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    480 times/box




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