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GENFINE BIOTECH (BEIJING) CO., LTD is a national renowned high-tech biotech company, which has a diverse array of business,including R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical services.

2019 year

National High-tech Enterprise

1 + mow

tests'Kits for African Swine Fever Virus Extraction

1000 + million

tests'Preservation Reagents for Biological Samples

5 + mow

tests for COVID-19 Virus Extraction

New Products

Flash Atlas U+ qPCR Probe Master Mix A306-U

Dry ice transportation, stored at -30~-15 ℃, valid for 1 year.

Flash Atlas qPCR Probe Master Mix A306-A

Support for large volume template detection, enabling primer probe&Mix large premixing
Article number: A306-A

Flash Robust U+ qPCR Probe Master Mix(A206-U)

Probe method qPCR special premix, added with dUTP/UDG anti pollution system, has good universality and ultra-high detection sensitivity

Top Sellers


Good news! Jifan Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "2021 GEI China Potential Unicorn Enterprise"

On December 23, 2022, the 2022 China Potential Unicorn Enterprise Report Conference jointly hosted by Great Wall Strategic Consulting and the Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee was held online, and Jifan Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was successfully selected into the "2021 China Potential Unicorn List".


New product | 2ml blood extraction kit helps you solve the problem of large volume blood extraction

Conventional blood extraction kits either have small sample processing volumes or cannot achieve automated batch processing of samples. Choosing which extraction solution to use often requires balancing various needs. To address these issues, Jifan has launched a large volume blood extraction solution. The FineQuick Rapid Magnetic Bead Method Large Volume Blood Genome Extraction Kit (M104T) is suitable for separating and purifying high-quality genomic DNA from 2 ml of blood. Coupled with the Jifan 24 channel fully automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument, it completely liberates your hands.


Jifan Biotechnology, together with multiple independently developed products, once again debuted at the Medical Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany - MEDICA, showcasing a shining moment!

GENFINE will continue to strengthen cooperation with leading laboratories and medical distributors in overseas markets, optimize sales and distribution networks, and provide life science tools and services to global customers. The rapid development of the IVD industry has put forward higher requirements for the innovation ability and speed of enterprises. GENFINE will continue to be committed to the research and development of innovative solutions, strictly controlling products based on market demand and customer feedback at home and abroad, and continuously optimizing services. In the future, GENFINE will continue to adhere to innovation and breakthroughs, providing an important driving force for building a global anti epidemic fortress, and making due contributions to the development of human health and in vitro diagnosis!


Brand Brilliance and Glory for the Future | GENFINE's Five Major Brands Appear at the 19th CACLP

By participating in this grand event, more experts and scholars have gained a deep understanding of GENFINE's technological achievements in the field of IVD. In the future, GENFINE will create precise and high-quality products with the spirit of innovation and focus, so as to realize the great mission of "achieving a better life science"! At the same time, in line with market demand, through continuous iteration and upgrading, we continue to provide customers with high-quality products, strive to climb new heights in product performance and production capacity, create beauty for health, create miracles for life, and fulfill our dreams for humanity!