Genfine Group Introduction

Genfine Group (the "Company" or "GENFINE Biotech (Beijing) Co., Ltd", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group") is a well-recognised biotechnology company,which has a  diverse array of business,including R&D, Manufacturing, Sales,QA and Technical Services.



Genfine's mission is “Our genes Make Life Fine”.We insist to rely on innovative technologies, and we devote ourselves to providing stable, reliable and cost-effective biological reagents and  professional technical services for our clients who are focused on Precise Medicine &Molecular Diagnosis. Up to now, we have seven core technology platforms:

1.Clinical Samples Preservation &Extracton Platform;

2. Biotech Laboratory Equipment Platform;

3.Magnetic Beads & Supporting Instrument Platforms;

4.Gene  Synthesis  Platform;

5.PCR/qPCR/qRT-PCR Technology Platform;

6.Antibody CRO Platform;

7.Sale, Technical Service, and R&D  Platform

2019 year

National High-tech Enterprise

1 + mow

tests'Kits for African Swine Fever Virus Extraction

1000 + million

tests'Preservation Reagents for Biological Samples

5 + mow

tests for COVID-19 Virus Extraction

Honors & Credentials