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Rnastore sample preservation solution

Catalog No.: s402
Preservation of nuclear cell RNA in animal tissues, cells and bacteria
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  • This preservation solution can provide a simple, safe, convenient and effective environment for virus sample DNA preservation. It can preserve virus DNA at (15-25) ° C for 1 year, providing a reliable guarantee for obtaining high-quality DNA required for downstream experiments.


    Product advantages 

    store virus DNA at room temperature for 1 year, which is convenient for long-distance transportation and storage;
    Simple operation and safe use; The quality of virus DNA was good and the yield was high;
    It is applicable to the preservation of viral DNA in saliva samples and various swab samples. Including oral swabs, nasopharyngeal swabs, vaginal swabs, environmental swabs, etc;
    It can inhibit the growth of various molds, especially infectious bacteria in the air and respiratory tract.


    Storage conditions

    It is stable for 24 months at room temperature (15-25) ° C.



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