Jifan Biotechnology, together with multiple independently developed products, once again debuted at the Medical Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany - MEDICA, showcasing a shining moment!

As a world-renowned comprehensive medical exhibition, the 54th Medical Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany - MEDICA was grandly held from November 14th to 17th, 2022 at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center.



This grand event attracted about 46000 visitors from 150 countries around the world. The exhibition commodities include medical electronic instruments, ultrasonic instruments, Optical instrument, disposable medical supplies, hospital office equipment, Laboratory equipment, health care, plastic surgery technology, communication technology and medical services. As a leading provider of life science tools and services in China, GENFINE showcases multiple independently developed and produced products at booth H39-6 in Hall 1.
As a national high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales, and technical services, GENFINE has always adhered to the direction of technological innovation and is committed to providing stable, reliable, cost-effective product solutions and professional technical services for scientific research, industrial healthcare, and biopharmaceutical fields. Through continuous development, the company has become a unique diversified company specializing in the production of molecular biological reagents, gene synthesis, protein tools and reagents, laboratory automation instruments, and biomaterials.
The company has multiple core technology platforms, including medical sample preservation, column membrane nucleic acid extraction, high flux instrument integration of magnetic bead raw materials, Direct qPCR/qRT PCR detection technology, molecular evolution, high-density fermentation, and advanced protein purification. Each platform can work together to provide personalized and customized solutions for different customers. The independently developed products, such as virus preservation solution, virus nucleic acid extraction reagent, molecular raw material enzyme, and automatic instruments, have been widely used in the prevention and control of African swine fever, Covid-19 and other epidemic situations, providing 500 million people with COVID-19 extraction reagents and 100 million people with African swine fever extraction reagents.


At this exhibition, the purifer series full-automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument, three in one centrifuge, constant temperature oscillation metal bath and respiratory pathogen collection kit, magnetic bead method virus DNA/RNA extraction extraction kit, newly upgraded PCR raw material enzyme, premix, commonly used laboratory small instruments, biological magnetic bead microspheres, fluorescent quantitative PCR probe&primer synthesis, NGS demand for oligonucleotide services and other products independently developed and produced by GENFINE made an amazing appearance, Showcasing the cutting-edge technology and strength of enterprises to the world.
The Purifier HTS 96 channel nucleic acid extractor is designed specifically for extracting viral nucleic acid samples. The product adopts a unique straight four position design, with a compact and beautiful body, ensuring extraction quality while helping reagent box manufacturers reduce costs; The instrument is paired with a magnetic bead method extraction kit, which can complete high-quality nucleic acid extraction of 96 samples in 10 minutes. Coupled with the Transfer 96 fully automatic cup separation processing system, it can provide customers with a complete set of sample extraction solutions.
The biological magnetic bead microspheres produced by GENFINE's subsidiaries perfectly combine magnetic nanoparticles with functional materials, with strong adaptability, good compatibility, controllable particle size, excellent suspension, and high genomic purity. They are suitable for extracting and purifying various biological samples.



At the exhibition, GENFINE's products and services were unanimously recognized by industry insiders, and its fast and accurate testing plan received widespread attention from visitors, fully demonstrating the power of independent research and development and rapid innovation of GENFINE, attracting visitors from multiple countries to come for business negotiations.
The guests and exhibitors attending this exhibition are all medical industry practitioners from various countries around the world, including hospital management, hospital technicians, pharmaceutical laboratory personnel, and general practitioners. During the exhibition, multiple seminars, lectures, discussions, and demonstrations were held simultaneously. A series of online services were added to the on-site activities, allowing exhibitors and visitors to discuss innovative medical products and technologies both online and offline. All expert forums were watched live, and visitors could also establish connections with exhibitors through pairing tools.

MEDICA, with its irreplaceable scale and influence, ranks first in the development of world medical trade, and has become an information platform for medical related enterprises in various regions to grasp new, comprehensive, and authoritative information on the world medical device market. The attendees personally visited the site to have face-to-face communication with top medical device peers around the world, providing a bridge for them to widely understand the development trend of medical technology and introduce advanced foreign technology and equipment.
GENFINE will continue to strengthen cooperation with leading laboratories and medical distributors in overseas markets, optimize sales and distribution networks, and provide life science tools and services to global customers. The rapid development of the IVD industry has put forward higher requirements for the innovation ability and speed of enterprises. GENFINE will continue to be committed to the research and development of innovative solutions, strictly controlling products based on market demand and customer feedback at home and abroad, and continuously optimizing services. In the future, GENFINE will continue to adhere to innovation and breakthroughs, providing an important driving force for building a global anti epidemic fortress, and making due contributions to the development of human health and in vitro diagnosis!