Research and Doctrine, Hundred Schools of Thought contend - Jifan Biotech Appears at the 7th E-commerce Biotech Industry Conference and Exhibition in 2022

The 7th E-commerce Biotech Industry Conference and Exhibition of the 2022 EBC was grandly held recently. The E-Commerce and E-Commerce Bio Industry Exhibition are China's leading bio industry exchange and cooperation platforms. This conference was jointly organized by more than 25 organizers, with numerous exhibitors attending and multiple speakers attending the venue, with sub forums directly addressing the theme.



The conference focuses on popular tracks such as molecular diagnosis, antibody drugs, cell and gene therapy, mRNA, etc. in a "conference+exhibition" mode, bringing together scientists, scholars, entrepreneurs, investors and other guests from frontline fields such as government, academia, industry, and investment. From multiple perspectives such as policy, technology, clinical, and market, the conference adopts diversified forms such as "exhibition linkage" and "online live streaming", Provide one-stop procurement solutions for biological industry enterprises.



Many experts at this conference have jointly conducted multiple explorations on drug innovation and commercialization, including drug innovation and regulatory exploration, and drug commercialization payment innovation. We conducted in-depth research and discussion on multiple themes, including the difficulties in drug review, biopharmaceutical regulation and review policies, industry focus CGT policies, interpreting payment innovation from medical insurance policies, and empowering pharmaceutical companies with commercial insurance to innovate, as well as the trend of drug payment innovation.



By participating in this grand event, the participating enterprises have a clearer understanding of the current research progress of Synthetic biology industry, and a deeper understanding of the construction of local procurement supply chain and the coping strategies of regional procurement supply chain. Moreover, comprehensive learning has been conducted in innovative research and development of biopharmaceuticals, cell and gene therapy, molecular diagnosis, upstream localization, and clinical practice, which has played a positive role in promoting the competitiveness of enterprises and products.

As a supplier of high-quality nucleic acid extraction and virus detection products, Jifan Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has brought multiple self-developed instruments and reagents, including P96 nucleic acid extractor, magnetic bead method virus nucleic acid extraction reagent, magnetic bead method free nucleic acid extraction reagent, universal preservation solution, highly sensitive qPCR detection reagent, nucleic acid scavenger, and supporting sample collection kit, to the B80 booth.


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Our products cover multiple categories, including sample collection and preservation, nucleic acid extraction reagents, PCR reagents and raw materials, molecular diagnosis of animal diseases, biological laboratory instruments, nucleic acid extractors, and nucleic acid electrophoresis series. Over a hundred products are sold to various parts of the country and overseas countries. We have multiple core technology platforms, including medical sample preservation, column membrane nucleic acid extraction, high-throughput instrument integration of magnetic bead raw materials, Direct qPCR/qRT-PCR detection technology, molecular evolution, high-density fermentation, and advanced protein purification. These platforms work together to provide personalized and customized solutions for different customers.
Its independently developed products such as virus preservation solution, virus nucleic acid extraction reagent, molecular raw enzyme, and automated instruments have been widely used in epidemic prevention and control of African swine fever, Covid-19, and other epidemics. Jifan Biotechnology is committed to leading the rapid and healthy development of the industry, with the grand goal of achieving product internationalization, continuously improving its product research and development efforts, and making it a leading brand in the industry. Jifan Biotechnology will create precise and high-quality products with an innovative and focused spirit. Through continuous iteration and upgrading, we will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and strive to reach new heights in product performance and production capacity.