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Flash Robust qPCR Probe Master Mix (A206-A)

Probe method qPCR specific premix, with good universality and ultra-high detection sensitivity
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  • Product Introduction:

    Flash Atlas U+qPCR Probe Master Mix is a special premix for probe method qPCR that is suitable for DNA templates (DNA viruses). The core component Flash Robust HotStart DNA Polymerase is a hot start DNA polymerase based on antibody modification, combined with the optimal buffer optimized for qPCR system, which has high detection sensitivity and low copy template has high detection rate. It can be used for multiple fluorescence quantitative detection, has strong stress resistance, can tolerate multiple inhibitors, and can achieve normal amplification of 40% (v/v) templates. This product is a 2 ×  Pre mixed solution, simply add primers, probes, and templates, making it easy to use; Added dUTP/UDG anti pollution system, which can eliminate the impact of amplification product contamination on qPCR at room temperature, ensuring the accuracy of the results; Simultaneously compatible with fast programs, greatly reducing detection time.


    Product advantages:

    Support the detection of large volume template input, with 40% (v/v) template input being able to expand normally, greatly improving the detection rate
    Strong stress resistance, able to tolerate multiple inhibitors, and has a significant inhibitory effect on disinfection reagents (such as 84 disinfectant)
    Ultra strong stability, primer probe&Mix premix can be stably stored for 2 weeks at 37 ℃
    No glycerol, can be used for the development of freeze-drying reagents
    Support for rapid amplification&multiple amplification
    Add dUTP/UDG anti pollution system


    Storage conditions:

    Dry ice transportation, stored at -30~-15 ℃, valid for 1 year.

  • 案例一:极限检出率

    GenFine Flash Robust qPCR Mix系列产品对低拷贝模板进行检出限检测,每种拷贝数做90个重复,将数据进行统计后结果如上所示,对于单拷贝模板均有较高的检出率。


    案例二: 样本直扩

    GenFine Flash Robust qPCR Mix系列产品使用20μl体系进行非瘟阳性血直扩,可对50%(v/v)阳性样本进行有效扩增。


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